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The baggage handler

The baggage handler

He appeared on the road searching for stars but was stopped by the weight of his baggage. He took down the bag and opened the zip, the ground started to rumble. A cold wind blew and swirled up the mist as he pulled out the head of a man. He looked through the eyes of that head and there he saw himself but he was someone else.

A great cracking, splitting sound came from the re-emerging minds. The memories flowed and poured out revealing the world within………….

Then that road, that long, long road, that brought us here, to now.

The mist was gone and the sharp edged sound ‘krrark, krrark’ of ravens circled down and across from where they ate the dead man holding his head. The baggage had disappeared.

Now I stand here with a lens for an eye and took this image from time, a time when the road broke. It shattered the world.

Now I can dream of stars and floating in space, that dream before birth.