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Lord LEM.

Lord LEM.

I followed him, Mr Ijon Tichy, after his eight voyage, on the orders of The Rhohch.

I discovered Ijon and his kind were no longer in existence. A new and only life form had evolved. They scurried the planet like scarabs.

They had hard, stone-like shell bodies and wriggly metal appendages and huddled together at the sight of me, in fear it seemed.

Their resonances, when translated, indicated they were praying to an imaginary higher being, a god, their creator, Lord LEM.

Attack of the Euro Clones.

Attack of the Euro Clones.

I wondered what all the fuss was about and went to see the euro road.

Nice new tarmac, painted white lines, weeds grew though the pavement, the lights didn’t work.

I turned every junction, dead ends.

Talking Heads, ‘I’m on a road to nowhere.’

Raccoon City limits.

Mad Max.




The Steve Miller Band, ‘Take the money and run.’

I heard rustling in the bushes, caught glimpses, robot movements, shapes.

Euro Clones. They whispered words and waited.

A figure came along the road.

Hunting dogs.

I ran.





There was a knock on the door.

‘Ah’ Julie! Come in.’

Quick peck on the cheek.

The trail led to the kitchen, strong coffee.

Into the yard, smoking roll ups, small talk.

The lounge, she sat on the piano stool.

‘I quit my job, life’s a mess.’ She said. Turned and finger thrashed the keys.

I cringed, the life story, the piano sound.

We talked it through, her life.

I showed her middle C.

We talked patterns, the work life balance.

She played on.