The conversation talked Darwin on the car radio, the case for selection, when suddenly the car coming the other way flashed it’s lights and a black car cut in right in front of me and sped off, the plates read F3 SAD. That’s a third generation symbol. The case for selection continued in the background as the black, race trimmed car disappeared around a bend up ahead.

I drove at the regulation sixty MPH max. following in the tracks of F3 SAD, round that bend and there not far ahead, there it was crawling along behind a tractor. It weaved in and out looking for a gap to overtake. I joined behind the racer and trundled on, a pair of eyes flashed at me in the rear view mirror. Then a chance came, he gunned the engine and motored out into the other-side of the road. His speed increased and he swung in front of the tractor leaving only horror on the face in the on-coming window screen and the mouthed words that looked like FFFFkingELLL.

The farm vehicle turned off up a track and left the road ahead clear as it wound bends, descending a hill and there a red light shone and I pulled up behind F3 SAD. The eyes glanced, the motor revved and when the colour changed fumes spewed and he was gone with lead boots. I followed and saw the heads in the cars I passed shaking.

The road continued and there on the right was a truckers fuel station, wagons moved about in the yard. A little further on, the tall wide backs of hauled trailers came into view and as I came closer F3 SAD sat behind them. He weaved out now and then to find an opening but was stuck with everyone else behind the trucks. The convoy rolled on through villages, over bridges and followed long bends until a roundabout came up that had a junction for a fast bypass.

Round the lorries went and so did F3 SAD, I drove along too and saw him pull straight out into the oncoming traffic and roared ahead. The traffic coming hugged the curb in panic and F3 SAD just drove through a no-mans land and on into the distance.

It started to rain and began to darken, wipers on, lights on, follow the traffic, turn a junction and across a roundabout onto the mountain road. The space narrowed along the valley, around a few bends and there ahead a warning sign flashed, ‘SLOW’. There was a red light ahead and a line of cars leading to it. I pulled up behind the rear car, F3 SAD, the eyes glanced in the mirror and fists started to bang the steering wheel. The light changed and the flow of traffic moved on, F3 SAD let them go and when they passed a junction he sped off and pulled a handbrake turn into it, the rear end swung bouncing over the curb and hit the wall, the rear bumper ripped off the back.

I drove on, following the tail lights in the distance. The radio conversation had changed to the parasitic effects of toxo-plasmins on the human brain.

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