I sat and watched a group of children walk up these steps that led to the summit of a mountain. A girl at the tail end stopped and stared at the steps. A man in black was perched, like a raven wearing shades, on a rock a little further up. He tried to tempt the girl up the steps, to ascend and reach the peak, the pinnacle of her life. But she just stood and waited and watched as people came down the steps. She looked closely at them and a look of trepidation came over her face. The people coming down were not the friends she knew but were old people.

The man in black tempted her again saying,

‘You can see the whole world from up there, the whole of life, everything you could wish for, it’s just up there.’

She kept standing and watched as more old people came down, now she was puzzled and became confused, her friends had not come back down.

‘Go and see the world.’ The man-raven said.

The girl just stood and put her hands together and thought, then said back,

‘I don’t want to see the whole world or my whole life now because when I come back down I’ll be old too.’

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